Needed materials

Things to note

There is no need to add jumper wires to the board or cut traces.

Pay attention to the jumpers on the board. They should be installed and populated according to the legends on the board.

C90 is marked as 360 pF on the board. This is in line with what Commodore specified. You can install a 470 pF instead.

RP8 on the original board have three pins cut off, there’s no need to do that on the Neo. You can solder in the whole pack.

RF modulator (or suitable replacement board) must be installed or there will be no output from the VIC. The RF modulator is the same as used on the C64C Short Board #250469. On revision 4 boards this can be done using the built in replacement option.

Board revision specific notes

revision 3.1

C121 is marked as 0.1µF on the PCB, it should be 0.01µF.

The silkscreen for the DRAM capacitors (C38 - C53) is wrong. It says 0.1 µF when the caps should be 0.22 µF. However, the board will work just fine with 0.1 µF as well.

C63 has the wrong value on the silk screen, it shows 10µF on the board but 100µF is the correct value.

R47 is located in the wrong location and marked R101. A fix needs to be installed on the board to correct this, see this post

revision 4

The silk screens on the board for the D5xx and D7xx headers have been flipped, so D5 is labelled D7 and vice versa.