What is the C128 Neo?

The C128Neo is a almost identical replica of a Commodore 128 revision 9 motherboard. Only small changes have been made to integrate changes made during the manufacturing of the original computers to save having to cut traces and solder on jumper wires when building a computer from it. Additionally, some other small changes were made to make it easier to assemble and work with the machine. No changes to functionality has been done.

I don’t like the colour

Well, I think the red is pretty nice. However, other colours are possible as well.

I think it should (fit a c64c case/have builtin SD2IEC/have HDMI….)

Cool. I wanted to make a replacement board for existing failing hardware so there are very few changes made at all. I migth make a modernised board at a later stage but for now I’m happy to make it as close to stock as possible.

Will you sell boards?

Absolutely, you can buy them at Tindie

Will you release the design files?

The full KiCad project for the revision 3.3 boards are available on github under an open source license. This is the exact same board layout as the C128Neo rev3.3 boards that I have been selling, with the exception of the PCB artwork.